Let's face it, making Mickey Mouse apart of ANY holiday adds magic to that day! With the parks being closed and the loss of that classic holiday firework show, I was determined to add some Disney magic to our Fourth of July celebrations.

I instantly thought of ice cream because Disney World is so hot this time of year it's hard not to get this cold treat when you are there for the day. I also knew I wanted to make Mickey's ears pop and go beyond the classic plain cookie ears.

First I made the ears with red and royal blue melting chocolate, Oreos, and sprinkles. I knew trying to get a full Oreos to stay on the cone would be hard so I only used one side per ear. I melted the chocolate and dipped the Oreos into the chocolate and then into the sprinkles. I then placed them in the freezer to cool faster ( you will need to do this if making the cone right away.)

After I scooped the ice cream into the cone I pressed the cone into the sprinkles. I find this makes less of a mess and the sprinkles stick the ice cream better!

Then I just pressed the Oreo ears in to have the CUTEST and yummiest patriotic Mickey that ever existed! So here is a SUPER EASY Fourth of July Disney themed dessert that will guarantee to bring a smile to your face! I hope you enjoy and if you want to add more magic to your life follow along @mickeybarmama!

We often look to our favorite Disney characters for inspiration but this Mother's Day a group of Disney moms got together to bring some humor to the challenges of motherhood during the quarantine. Villains, princesses, superheroes, and male characters were brought to life in a never seen way to bring some laughter and relatability to this time.

1. MickeyBarMama as Ariel showing what happens when you can't be where the people are, get to where the fish are, or get away from the kids are...your only option is to lock yourself in the bathroom and let your tail out! Alone time is IMPOSSIBLE when you are in your house every day with EVERYONE and the bathroom is now your escape room!

2. A.magical.life.for.me as Mulan talking juggling the difficulties of homeschooling. We basically are training little warriors, who put up some good fights when it comes to having their parents as teachers!

3. Justasunshinestateofmind as Alice taking even tea parties to Zoom calls! I mean EVERYONE is doing zoom call these days (even 4-year-olds), might as well make a party out of it!

4. Amagicalkingdomcalledhome as Maleficent showing us that even villains are taking advantage of this extra quality time and also turning to drugstore hair dye while the salons are closed!

5. TheStewartTribe as Merida asking for freedom surrounded by staples of the quarantine; toilet paper, piles of laundry, and coffee!!

6. PolyjuiceandPixiedust as Ursula because we all our a bunch of unfortunate souls not just losing our voices but our sanity as well!

7. Magical_Brittany as Mother Gothel talking the struggles of trying to keep our kids in the "tower" and showing that we really do know what's best!

8. Scots_disney_mum as Pocahontas talking about the daily grind of having sidekicks that ask for snacks every 5 seconds. How do they go to school and survive yet at home they can't go 10 minutes without a snack?

9. Sonsunhine.adventures as Kanga trying her best to channel her inner patience as she juggles homeschooling, work, and household chores!

10. Onceuponapotts as Mad Hatter because we really are ALL MAD HERE! No more explanation needed!

11. Magicallymegan as Sleeping Beauty wishing for more sleep and alone time! Where are the fairy godmothers to just make this quarantine disappear?

Motherhood is rewarding and challenging, with good days and bad. I hope this brings a smile to your face, inspires you to bound as one of your favorite Disney characters but most importantly shows you that you are not alone in your struggles right now! Check out the #therealdisneymomsofquarantine for even more laughs and relatability! You got this mama, you are enough and doing a great job!

Walt Disney World may have four theme parks with endless magic, but one thing it does not have is the ocean. But no worries, if you want that Disney magic and sand between your toes then head 10 miles southeast to Disney’s Vero Beach.

Disney’s Vero Beach is a beachfront resort and intermixed with a beach theme you will find nods to Peter Pan, and Neverland scattered throughout. In fact, Tick Tock is the first to greet you when you pull in!

Disney’s Vero Beach is part of Disney’s Vacation Club, and therefore rooms vary from a studio to three-bedroom condos. The studios can sleep up to 4 while the three-bedroom condos can sleep up to 12 people. The resort was renovated a couple of years ago, so all the rooms have a modern beachy theme to them.

This is a resort that has ENDLESS activities for kids and plenty of relaxing for parents too! And the best part; most of the activities are all centrally located so once you find your favorite lounge chair for the day you don’t have to move! Kids 48 inches or under can spend hours in the splash pad abroad the Tiger Lily. Here they can climb the ropes, protect the treasure, play with water cannons, and run around in a few inches of water.

Adjacent to the splash pad is the sand bottom playground so kids can easily run back and forth from the splash pad. Most of this area is covered in trees, which makes it pleasant for playtime throughout the day.

Looping around the playground and splash pad is the 9-hole Neverland themed mini-golf course! This activity is free for DVC members and $5 all-day for non-DVC guests.

The resort has one large Mickey-shaped pool with a lighthouse themed slide for the enjoyment of all guests. Around the pool, you will find plenty of lounge chairs, tables, and umbrellas.

Along the white sand beach, you will find water sports, crystal clear water, lounge chairs for rent, and tons of turtle nests from May-October! This property sits on one of the most important turtle nesting grounds in the Western Hemisphere. If you are an early riser, you are invited to walk the beach at sunrise while cast members from the Animal Kingdom check on the nests and you are encouraged to ask any questions to these experts. Several times a week there are “Turtle Tracks” where kids ages 6-17 are invited to walk along the beach, search for turtle footprints and learn about these creatures and their eggs!

If the amenities aren’t enough, there are activities scheduled all day long for guests of all ages! From tot coin toss (5 and under) to Wine class painting there is something for everyone in the family! On select nights there is also Disney Discovery Club which parents can drop kids ages 4-12 off and enjoy an evening out to themselves. There is also a sing-a-along campfire on select nights where the whole family to welcome to come roast marshmallows after singing some of their favorite songs!

If you need a change of pace from water activities, head over to the Neverland themed tunnel. The tunnel takes you underneath the main road and connects you to some nature walking trails, volleyball courts, archery, pavilions, and the basketball courts. Walking through you will pass by your favorite characters while listening to music from this classic Disney movie. To me, it’s a little touch of Peter Pan's Flight at the beach!

Now, all that fun will leave you hungry, so let’s talk about food options! The Wind and Wave Market is a new addition to the resort and offers freshly made snacks and meals to grab and go so you can enjoy them by the pool, beach, or in your room! The best part is, they sell pineapple Dole Whip and Mickey bars!

The Wind and Wave is the full-service restaurant on property. Although you must leave the beach to come in the coastal vibes are everywhere in this eatery; from the wall map of sunken ships to the menu filled with Florida fresh seafood. Or you can direct your attention to the open kitchen and watch the chef prepare your meal. Reservations are highly recommended.

If you aren’t ready to change out of your swimsuit, you can head over to Wind and Wave Poolside bar which allows you to take in the outdoor atmosphere while enjoying all the savory options the sit-down restaurant has to offer.

And it wouldn’t be Disney without some hugs from your favorite characters during your stay! The Seagrape offers two different character meals on select days. On Saturday mornings you can join Goofy for breakfast and games and on Mondays you can join pirate Goofy and Donald at the Pirate Night Dinner. Here you will find a buffet fit for any pirate and games that will keep the kids entertained all dinner long! My favorite part was the dance party at the end where all the kids were able to bust some moves with Goofy and Donald. The Seagrape is small, and reservations are strongly recommended. But in my opinion, this made for one of the more intimate character experiences I have ever had in Walt Disney World.

The resort also has a general store located off the lobby called Island Groove Packing Company which will have select groceries, sundries, and of course that fabulous Disney merchandise.

Overall Disney’s Vero Beach is a great way to unwind, get some sand between your toes, and enjoy touches of Disney magic that we have all grown to love. Although you maybe 100 miles away from Disney World you will find plenty of activities to keep you busy or a hammock to do absolutely nothing!

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