Pumpkin spice latte, boots, and cardigans are all classic fall staples but how can we forget about the cutest one, Mickey pumpkins! To me, fall doesn't start in the Disney parks until Mickey pumpkins make their appearance. Over the years this festive version of Mickey has become iconic and just like a cool breeze is a way to say, hello fall! So why not have this adorable face as part of your own home decor?

Making the Mickey pumpkin is an easy process. I decided to write this blog after the response I received when I shared mine on my Instagram account. As I write this he is 5 years old so I'll be sharing lots of links to the products I used since I no longer have the unused supplies.

To start, here is the link to the Mickey face template. This is key to getting that adorable face that just makes the cutest pumpkin!

The template fits perfectly on the 9inch round Ashland pumpkins from Michaels.

To get the ears the perfect size I recommend round small pumpkins that are at least 4 inches. Here is the link to the pumpkins I used, sadly you cannot order them separately online. In the photo, it is the orange one all the way to the left. If you have the link opened when you get to the store they will be able to help you find them with the item #.

Lastly, I recommend using orange glitter spray paint like this one from Krylon for two reasons. First, its glitter, and who doesn't love some extra sparkle? Second, it makes the different pumpkins cohesive and brings the entire Mickey pumpkin together!

Now to get to the creating! Cut out the Mickey face on the pumpkin, Use 2 skewers to attach the "ear" pumpkins. If you are feeling extra adventurous you can carve an opening on the bottom to fit an ELECTRIC candle so Mickey can glow at night! After everything is done give Mickey a full paint job and you are done!

Two weeks ago I shared Disney school flags and today I'm continuing the theme with Mickey Mouse back to school treats!! To celebrate the start of a new school year I decided to make our beloved mouse into apples and rulers! These treats are a simple way to bring some magic to a week that kids often dread!

To make these sweets all you need is:

1. Brownie/blondie mix,

2. Icing

3. Red, green, yellow, and black food coloring

4. Pretzels for apple stems

5. Icing tips to pipe black and green (#2 and #16)****

***I had a tube of black already that I had.

I made the blondies in a 9x13 baking pan so they were thin enough for the cookie cutter to fit through. After they cooled I cut out the Mickey heads. For the apples, I pressed in a piece of the pretzel as the stem before I applied the red icing. After the red icing was spread I used a Wilton tip #16 to create the green leaf.

For the Mickey rulers, I spread the yellow icing on and then used tip #2 to make the black lines. you could add numbers but the size Mickey's I made were too small for it.

I also found the cute letter sprinkles on Amazon which would always make for a great topping! There are endless options with making these Mickey Mouse back to school treats! Whatever you decided I hope they add some magic to the start of your child's new school year!

We all know that the 2020-2021 school year could use all the magic in the world! I decided to start by adding some Disney magic to our first day of school flags with Mickey and Minnie Mouse! This is a simple and fun way to add a personal touch and get creative for the famous first day of school photos!

To make these signs you will need a 12 inch 1/4 wooden dowel, ribbon of your choice, a Mickey embellishment, and card stock.

First I purchased a digital copy of the pennants from Whimsical Darlings Co on ETSY. The pack was $10 dollars and included preschool through 6th grade first day of school files. They are made to be printed on 8.5 x 11 cardstock. I highly recommend using cardstock so they are more durable.

Next, I hot glued the flag to the wooden dowel. There is a flap that will easily wrap around it. After that, I took my ribbon in groups of 3 pieces at a time and tied them to the base. I found if I did more than this it becomes bulky and the Mickey embellishment did not sit right.

Lastly, I used my circuit to make the Mickey and Minnie. They are about 3 inches wide and I used glitter black cardstock for some extra magic! I hot glued them over the ribbon knots and the flags were complete!

I love the idea of these first day of school signs. Not only are they a simple way to bring Disney magic to the first day of school but they are so easy to personalize! My kids picked out the color ribbon they wanted and I even added the crown to Minnie for my princess loving daughter!

Hope this Mickey and Minnie adds a bit of magic to the start of your child's 2020-2021 school year!

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