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Branding with Business Cards by Basic Invite | Ft. College Graduation Announcements & More

When I entered blogging and started Mickey Bar Mama, there were a million things I needed to learn. But there was one word that stood out from the beginning, and that was branding. That one single word, to me, is more important than anything else because it reflects me and everything I stand for. Truthfully it's the one thing I pay the most attention to. I strive to ensure that every photo, marketing material, website page, and outfit I post is true to my brand, and the second anyone sees it, they know it's me without even looking at the name.

Branding, for me, goes beyond parklife and my social media channels. I rock Disney gear everywhere, which always strikes up a conversation with strangers. So I always want to make sure I have a business card on hand to direct them back to one of my sites and keep our connection going. This is where Basic Invite comes in.

Basic Invite is an online stationery company that specializes in cards, invitations, and stationery for every special occasion in your life. What sets them apart is their customizable color option. This gives you the customer the choice of over 180 color combinations! How perfect is that for designing wedding invitations? Because let's face it, you have a specific wedding color palette, and you want to stick to it! (your pink is not just a regular pink!)

We are also entering graduation season, and what better place to order college graduation announcements with all these customizable options! You can create the perfect graduation party invitation and coordinating graduation thank you cards that not only reflects your style, but that also shows off your school colors! Move onto the next chapter in your life with these personal Basic Invite stationery, and you definitely will be making a statement!

To further help build my Mickey Bar Mama brand I absolutely loved the option that I could upload my own logo onto their site and create the perfect business card that is consistent with my brand. Now when someone visits my blog from my business card they are welcomed with the familiar logo and not only know they reached the right place but also what to expect as everything reflects who I am!

Whether you are planning the perfect wedding, celebrating a graduation, or need stationery for your business Basic Invite is the place to make it all come to life! Happy creating and, most importantly, happy celebrating this 2020!


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