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Disney Mom Bounds, Quarantine Style

We often look to our favorite Disney characters for inspiration but this Mother's Day a group of Disney moms got together to bring some humor to the challenges of motherhood during the quarantine. Villains, princesses, superheroes, and male characters were brought to life in a never seen way to bring some laughter and relatability to this time.

1. MickeyBarMama as Ariel showing what happens when you can't be where the people are, get to where the fish are, or get away from the kids are...your only option is to lock yourself in the bathroom and let your tail out! Alone time is IMPOSSIBLE when you are in your house every day with EVERYONE and the bathroom is now your escape room!

2. as Mulan talking juggling the difficulties of homeschooling. We basically are training little warriors, who put up some good fights when it comes to having their parents as teachers!

3. Justasunshinestateofmind as Alice taking even tea parties to Zoom calls! I mean EVERYONE is doing zoom call these days (even 4-year-olds), might as well make a party out of it!

4. Amagicalkingdomcalledhome as Maleficent showing us that even villains are taking advantage of this extra quality time and also turning to drugstore hair dye while the salons are closed!

5. TheStewartTribe as Merida asking for freedom surrounded by staples of the quarantine; toilet paper, piles of laundry, and coffee!!

6. PolyjuiceandPixiedust as Ursula because we all our a bunch of unfortunate souls not just losing our voices but our sanity as well!

7. Magical_Brittany as Mother Gothel talking the struggles of trying to keep our kids in the "tower" and showing that we really do know what's best!

8. Scots_disney_mum as Pocahontas talking about the daily grind of having sidekicks that ask for snacks every 5 seconds. How do they go to school and survive yet at home they can't go 10 minutes without a snack?

9. Sonsunhine.adventures as Kanga trying her best to channel her inner patience as she juggles homeschooling, work, and household chores!

10. Onceuponapotts as Mad Hatter because we really are ALL MAD HERE! No more explanation needed!

11. Magicallymegan as Sleeping Beauty wishing for more sleep and alone time! Where are the fairy godmothers to just make this quarantine disappear?

Motherhood is rewarding and challenging, with good days and bad. I hope this brings a smile to your face, inspires you to bound as one of your favorite Disney characters but most importantly shows you that you are not alone in your struggles right now! Check out the #therealdisneymomsofquarantine for even more laughs and relatability! You got this mama, you are enough and doing a great job!


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