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Disney themed Valentine's Day shirts

It's no argument that Disney is a love like no other. So it seems only fitting that on the day we celebrate LOVE that we incorporate Disney into the celebration. I have rounded up my five favorite Disney themed Valentine's Day shirts to help make things easier for you. Whether you are spending the day at the parks, work, school, or heading to a fun party, I know you will find the perfect one below.

1. Main Street Morgan, "Don't Break my Heart Mickey"

Mickey might break our bank accounts, but he would definitely never break our hearts. This tee will take you back to one of your favorite childhood songs, and the font is the prettiest shade of pink!

2. Happiest Day Co, "Be Mine"

Christmas has candy canes, Easter has Peeps, and Valentine's Day would be nothing without Sweethearts candy! I love that in this tee, a classic Valentine's staple gets the perfect update!

3. Next Stop Main Street, "Mickey Heart"

What better way to express your love for Mickey than with a shirt that claims him all to yourself. At first glance, it takes me back to carving your love in a tree but with a trendy.

4. The Family Shop, "Baby Yoda with Heart"

How could a character that stole our hearts just a few months ago not be included on this day? Although a real-life version of the child would be a dream Valentine's Day gift, this shirt is a close second!

5. Happiest Tees Ever, "So this is Love"

Valentine's Day would not be complete without the girl that never gave up on love or her dreams. This simple design combines love, Mickey, and one of our most beloved classic princesses.

6. Happiest Day Co, "So this is Love"

I added this tee last minute because it was too cute not to share! Every shade of Valentine's Day with an incredible design! The perfect tee to go with any skirt for a more girly look on Valentine's Day!

I hope you found someone to rock your love for Disney this Valentine's Day! Make sure to follow along @mickeybarmama for more tips, inspiration, and style!


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