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Epcot's Festival of the Arts for Kids

Epcot kicked off it's third Festival of the Arts January 17th, and the title might have you questioning if this is a festival you bring your kids along. I'm here today to share with you why this is my FAVORITE out of all four festivals for your kids! (and Santa is at one of those festivals, so that should say a lot!)

The art at this festival is not just framed pieces that hang in a gallery. The festival is a time to immerse yourself on a different level and pick up a paintbrush, get a little dirty and yes, even start playing with your food! Here are my top 6 reasons why the Festival of the Arts is the BEST festival for kids!

1. Hands-on painting

Kids (and adults) can grab a paintbrush and contribute to a large community art mural that is located in Future World. Each container of paint is labeled with a number, and each person is allowed to paint five boxes of that respective number. After you had in your paintbrushes, you will receive a postcard of what the mural is supposed to look like when completed. Check back and see how the wall progresses during the day or get back in line and paint a different color! This activity will allow your kids to get their artistic side out!

2. An artful scavenger hunt

Figment's Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt. Here they will need to search for Figment in classic pieces of art like the Mona Lisa and Washington crossing the Delaware throughout the countries of the World Showcase. Once you complete the map, you can stop by Disney Traders or Port of Entry for a prize. This year you can pick from four different Figment puzzles. Maps are sold at various locations in Epcot for $7.99. Get ready for some family fun, and I won't tell them its educational if you won't.

3. Playful treats

This festival not only has the most kid-approved food (look for the stamp in the festival passport book) but, there are a few options that allow them to get artistic with their food! First is the White Chocolate Figment Puzzle that you get to build and then decorate with a paintbrush and top with sprinkles! It can be found at Decadent Delights for $6.50. Second is the Artist Palette Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie that comes with three colors of icing and a paintbrush. The cookie is located at Decadent Desserts, Cuisine Classique, and the Artist's Table for $5.50. Playing and then eating in the same activity is every kid's dream!

I should also mention here other options for kids that are just as great; they just don't require artistic engagement. The Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Pretzel Crunch at Decadent Desserts, Pop't Art at Pop Eats, Paintbrush Churros at Refreshment Outpost, and the Musical Float at Fire and Drum Tavern.

4. Fun and unique photo opportunities

Let's face it family photos are HARD. NO ONE looks at the camera or has their eyes opened at the same time. But this festival has giant artwork photo ops that making taking pictures together so much fun! Just jump into your favorite art piece and pose in silly ways. Not only will the pictures turn out great, but they will also be memories you will cherish forever.

5. Kids' Chalk Art

Kids are magnets for chalk, and Epcot created a designated area for their smaller visitors to let loose and get creative! Located just before the Land in Future World, kids can find their favorite colors throughout the buckets of chalk and contribute their creativity to this festival!

6. Being able to witness LIVE artists

Getting kids to admire finished pieces of art may be a challenge, but witnessing it being created is just magic to them! As you walk around this festival, you will be able to watch chalk artists, painters, statues that come to life, and aerobatic performers express their talents and passions that will leave your little one in awe!

This festival has SO MUCH to offer for kids that I promise they will be entertained all day long with no fast passes required! Get your creative side on at this festival until February 24th, 2020. Follow along @mickeybarmama for more tips and Disney adventures!


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