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Flower and Garden Festival Guide for Kids

The Flower and Garden Festival has officially kicked off in Epcot for 2019 filling the parks with beautiful flowers, character topiaries, pretty drinks, and delicious food. The festival keeps getting bigger (and longer) each year but what is also growing is the activities for kids that are available.

If you think the name entails an experience that will leave your kids just staring at flowers and begging to leave while you try and sip your Violet Lemonade you are wrong. From the moment they walk in they will be immersed with Epcot as this park has transformed into a garden playground for all ages!

Your first stop should be the Goodness Garden Butterfly House which is located in Future World West. Here, you can walk into the world of butterflies were you will find yourself surrounded from all directions by these beautiful insects the second you step into this tent. Everyone can learn about all the different types, the stages of development and their natural habitats. And if they are lucky one will even land on their hands!

After running around with butterflies, you can let your child’s creative side come out and “Brighten a Barrel”. This is an organization that uses old Coca-Cola syrup barrels to collect rainwater in areas that are susceptible to flooding and with runoff concerns and then reuses the water. Kids will get an apron, paintbrush and can pick any color paint and then find a blank stencil on a barrel. Not only is this fun for the kids, but it’s also a good cause that gives me all the Festival of the Arts feels.

For the Flower and Garden Festival the permanent Wreck it Ralph playground has been updated to “Bo Peeps Playtime Training Grounds." The Bo Peep, Woody, and Buzz topiaries will greet you at the entrance. This playground is located right outside Mouse Gears facing Test Track. The change in theme has brought new decorations (see the monkeys in the trees below), new games and play areas. I love this playground because there is only one entrance and exit and its very open so its easier to keep on eye on your kids! And there are plenty of seats for parents!

In Showcase Plaza you will find the Play Full Garden which is the second playground available at the Flower and Garden. Here kids of all ages can run around, climb, play with sound and spin their little hearts away. There are plenty of covered seats for parents as well. This one is not as open though, and I found it difficult to keep track of my kids when they ran in opposite directions!

Photo credit: @justamomandboyatdisney

The next must do item for kids is the scavenger hunt which is by far our favorite activity at any festival. At this festival its Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration, where kids will follow this honey bee’s trail as he pollinates the festival. It’s such an interactive way to get your kids to walk the world showcase while you eat and drink around it! You will need to purchase at map for $6.99 at various locations in the park and then after you found all the different Spike’s you can stop by Disney Traders or Port of Entry for a prize! This year you can pick from 4 different sets of embroidered patches. Available April 5th-April 21st there also be an Egg-Stravagnza hunt in addition to Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration.

Pro tip: Purchase the map at Pin Setters which is located in the center of Future World because the first bee is near that location!

The kids will also enjoy seeing all the topiaries of their favorite characters which are located throughout all of Epcot! All of this information including a checklist of topiaries can be found in the Flower and Garden Festival Passport. Even if you are veteran park goers and no longer need a map to get around make sure you grab one of these books!

Throughout the festival, you will also find tons of kid-friendly snacks. Below is a list of our favorites but there are more! Refer to your festival passport, and everything kid-friendly is marked with a strawberry.

Violet Blueberry Vanilla Croissant from Taste Track

Mickey Tart Peanut Butter Mousse from Flavor Full Kitchen

Violet Lemonade from Pineapple Promenade

Grilled Street Corn from Trowel and Trellis

Frushi from Hanami, photo credit @diaryofadisneymom

Make sure you also stop by any Disney Photopass photographer for exclusive Flower and Garden magic shots!

The Flower and Garden Festival is in full bloom until June 3rd so grab your kids and get ready to play around one giant garden!

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Samantha Fabris
Samantha Fabris
Mar 22, 2019

The barrel painting looks so fun! Ok, all of it looks so fun :) Thanks for sharing!

-Samantha (@geekilyeverafter)

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