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Getting the most out of the Memory Maker

As you are planning your Walt Disney World vacation, you will come across an option for adding the Memory Maker to your trip. With all your plans and Disney tools conveniently located on your phone through the My Disney Experience app and the advancements of smartphone cameras, you may easily overlook this added cost. But just like your favorite pair of Mickey ears, this is a package that you do not want to leave out of your vacation! The Memory Maker is a Disney PhotoPass package that allows unlimited downloads of all videos and photos taken on your trip. To explain in even more detail, throughout the parks, you will find Disney PhotoPass photographers in various locations such as in front of iconic backdrops, with characters, at Disney walls, and unique photo ops. Once the photo is taken, the photographer will scan your magic band or PhotoPass card, and in a short time (usually minutes), the images will appear in your My Disney Experience app.

To help explain the value this package holds and the benefits it will add to your trip here are my top reasons for purchasing the Memory Maker:

Magic Shots

Magic shots are digitally enhanced photos where characters and other fun Disney props are added to your picture! Often, they require funny faces and poses to get the photo just right, which is always a great time with family shots. The best part is that kids LOVE taking these photos and its pure magic to see their faces light up when their favorite character appears.

Family Photos

Having the Memory Maker is basically like having a professional photographer with you all day long. There is no longer a need for a family member to be missing from every photo. You will have countless pictures with everyone in them on your trip. (Now getting everyone to look is a different story!)

Character meet and greets

If there is one moment to put your phone down and watch real magic occur before your eyes, it's during character meet and greets. Whether you are watching your kid or interacting with your favorite character, this is the time to be in the moment, grab some hugs and score those autographs! Don’t waste it on your phone and just let the photographer capture it all for you. Several times, I have even received portraits of my kid's faces while meeting their favorite characters. These candid photos are always a pleasant surprise!


The Memory maker will allow you to take home every single photo captured on a ride without individual purchase. These often turn out to be some of the most hysterical photos from your Walt Disney World vacation because they are snapped at the most intense spot of the ride. The laughs from these photos will never get old, and you will cherish these photos forever, even if you are screaming with your eyes closed!

The Memory Maker can be purchased in advance for $169 (at least three days before your trip) or $199 to start the same day of purchase. This package will provide you with magical photos and memories of your vacation that will last a lifetime! My biggest tip for the Memory Maker is to stop at any photographer you walk by; they are there for you, so utilize them!

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