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How to score hard Disney dining reservations

Since the day Storybook Dining at Artist Point opened, I have been trying to get a reservation.  I searched weekdays, weekends, early dinners and late dinners and found NOTHING. I was honestly left feeling a bit discouraged that the reservations could go so quickly.  Especially because now I am a local and have a lot more flexibility. 

Then I learned of two separate services that helped me score a reservation in less than two weeks.  The first is Touring Plans Reservation Finder.  I provided a link to the exact page, or you can place “Touring Plans Reservation Finder” into your search engine.  Next click on the “basic access” link to create your FREE account.  You do not have to pay money for this service.  They do offer access to a tremendous amount of Disney touring information for a fee, but this reservation finder is separate.

Create a free account then click WDW Restaurant Finder and hit “Add Request” and fill out the information for the restaurant, party size, time and day. 

Next is Mouse Dining which has two ways to get that desired reservation.  First, you can place the restaurant name in the box that appears on the home screen which will then bring you to a page with a calendar that shows if there are any openings based on your party size.  I recommend this way if you are local to the Orlando area and have flexibility. 

Or you can click “Create Alert” in the upper right-hand corner and fill out the information for your restaurant, party size, time and day.  You can create up to 6 alerts with their free account.

Both services will alert you with times within an hour before and after the time you selected.  This alert does not guarantee the reservation; you have to quickly click the link provided in the text and grab the opening before someone else does. Also with both services, you will have to reactivate your alert if you receive one that was not your ideal time or you weren’t able to book the reservation quick enough. Mouse Dining offers an account that will auto-renew for a fee.

I hope this helps you book that coveted reservation for your next trip to Disney!  Before I moved to Florida, I remember those days of not being able to get a reservation for my yearly trip and being so devasted.  So I sincerely hope one of these services will help you make your trip even more magical!

Bon Appetit!


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