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Mickey and Minnie Valentines's Day Wreath

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and how could I not include one of the most iconic couples in my decorations. Mickey and Minnie are adorable, stylish and their love has stood the test of time. Their love story and endless devotion to each other inspired this "kissing wreath" which is not only festive but simple to create as well!

Before I get into the supply list I just want to explain that you will need different size circular grapevine wreaths for making Mickey and Minnie. I found a pack on amazon that was made up of both 3-inch and 5-inch pieces that worked perfectly!

Here is the list of supplies you will need:

  1. Embellishments for Minnie's Bow- I used hearts from this pack

  2. Pink Spray Paint ( I prefer a satin finish)

  3. Red Spray Paint

  4. Ribbon (I used 5/8 inch)

  5. Metal Florist Wire

First, you will need to attach the ears to the head with the floral wire. I recommend doing this first so that you spray paint the wire and hide it! Next spray paint the hearts and Mickey and Minnie heads.

After all the pieces are dry use a hot glue gun to attach Mickey and Minnie together and then put Minnie's bows on her wreath.

Attach the three separate pieces with a loop of ribbon and you are all done! This is one of those projects that looks complicated but that is SO SIMPLE!

As always I hope this adds some magic to your home this Valentine's Day! Make sure to follow along @mickeybarmama for more inspiration for a magical lifestyle!


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