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Mickey Mouse Back-to-School treats

Two weeks ago I shared Disney school flags and today I'm continuing the theme with Mickey Mouse back to school treats!! To celebrate the start of a new school year I decided to make our beloved mouse into apples and rulers! These treats are a simple way to bring some magic to a week that kids often dread!

To make these sweets all you need is:

1. Brownie/blondie mix,

2. Icing

3. Red, green, yellow, and black food coloring

4. Pretzels for apple stems

5. Icing tips to pipe black and green (#2 and #16)****

***I had a tube of black already that I had.

I made the blondies in a 9x13 baking pan so they were thin enough for the cookie cutter to fit through. After they cooled I cut out the Mickey heads. For the apples, I pressed in a piece of the pretzel as the stem before I applied the red icing. After the red icing was spread I used a Wilton tip #16 to create the green leaf.

For the Mickey rulers, I spread the yellow icing on and then used tip #2 to make the black lines. you could add numbers but the size Mickey's I made were too small for it.

I also found the cute letter sprinkles on Amazon which would always make for a great topping! There are endless options with making these Mickey Mouse back to school treats! Whatever you decided I hope they add some magic to the start of your child's new school year!


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