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Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party guide for young kids

As the name implies, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is the perfect way to celebrate this often-frightening holiday with young kids. There is no better place to dress up as your favorite character and feel the magic come alive around you. However, one thing that makes this party difficult with young kids is the timing. The event runs from 7pm-12am, which if your household resembles mine, this is pretty much bedtime. But I’m here to share some tips that I’ve learned that will help make this party not only enjoyable but also finically worth it.

#1 Get to the park at 4 pm

Although the party does not start till 7 pm, your ticket allows entrance into the park at 4 pm. This gives you time to grab your treat bag and some great photos that are available just for party guests. If you link your ticket to the My Disney Experience App you will also be able to make a few fast pass reservations before the park closes to the public at 6 pm (there are no FP during the party)

#2 Make sure your kids nap that day

If this party is part of your Disney vacation or you are a local make this a day the kids sleep in and take a nap. This will help with their moods and energy levels throughout the party. And also ensure that you can stay later and get your money's worth.

#3 You do not need to plan to go to every treat station

You might be in the Magic Kingdom, but this party will feel like you jumped into the real-life version of Candy Land. Throughout the park, there will be designated treat stations. Each family member will receive about six houses worth of candy at each location. Bags can get heavy fast and honestly, what parent wants three months of candy in their house? And I caution wasting time going to every station if you are flying because the bags get so heavy. Our first year we had to throw so much out because it just did not fit into the suitcase.

#4 Plan ahead of time what characters you want to meet

During the party you will have the opportunity to meet some of the rarest character or some of your favorite is their holiday best! Warning though, these lines can get REALLY LONG. Easily 45 minutes to over an hour. I recommend going through the list and picking one of two that you want to meet ahead of time.

#5 Eat dinner before the party starts

I recommend using the time while the nonparty goer guests are leaving to eat dinner (around 5:30-6pm). Get your kid's bellies full, so they are happy and ready to go once all the festivities start at 7 pm!

#6 Watch the first parade

There are so many articles out there about MNSSHP, but I find most are targeted to those without young kids. MNSSHP is 100% a party any kid will love you, but often the advice is hard to use with them in tow. One thing you will read is to go to the second parade. Now, this advice makes perfect sense, but chances are highly likely that your young child will be sleeping by 11:15 pm. And they will LOVE this parade! It’s something you don’t want them to miss so watch the first parade. My advice is to go meet YOUR favorite character towards the end of the night while they are asleep in the stroller!

I hope this advice will help you if you are amid planning or deciding to head to MNSSHP! This event is a hard-ticketed event that occurs on select nights in the Magic Kingdom. I highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance as there are many nights the party sells out.



So many great tips for little ones! I love that you mentioned having the kids take a nap ahead of time! That would be my biggest worry that my kids can't do it all cause they were too sleepy

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