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Your heart will always lead to MAGIC

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

I am a huge believer in signs and receiving what you put out into the universe, and our decision to move was no different. In February of 2017, we experienced this crazy heat wave and had a whole weekend in the 70’s which is unheard of that time of year in New Jersey. I specifically remember walking around the block with my kids thinking how happy we all were being outside, and having the sunshine warm our faces. Less than a week later we were preparing for a snowstorm that was supposed to bring 18 inches of snow. (Yep, we flip-flopped that quickly!) My son and I LOVED snowstorms and the thought of having a day with an excuse to play and cuddle was a dream. However, it never came, and instead, we got an ice storm that left us with no power. While we were packing our bags nine hours later, because the house was too cold to keep the kids warm, my husband received a phone call asking if we would consider moving to Florida. Talk about timing!

If I’m going to be honest, for months my heart had been tugging and leaving me with the feeling that I did not belong where we were living. And I don’t think the events that week were a coincidence either. I was receiving signs all over that would help me act on this desire to move somewhere else. The universe knew it wouldn’t be an easy decision for me. You see I never thought my kids wouldn’t live in an area where they got to play in the snow, and more importantly, live near their extended family. But as the day showed, snow is not always a guarantee where we lived, and when you heart tugs, it means business, so you better listen!

In the middle of all the decision making, we also took our second trip to Disney within six months. Disney had always been a huge part of my life as a kid, but after having kids of my own, this love grew tenfold. The joy and magic that Disney brought us was becoming very apparent, and the thought of living a short car ride away versus a plane ride, seemed like a dream come true.

We were lucky to have months to make a decision, and although that time brought on a roller coaster of emotions, we decided a move would be best for our family as a whole. I do not doubt that the tug on my heart was answered through an opportunity for my husband.

I hope that this move will one day make my kids realize their parents never stopped dreaming, no matter how old we are, or how many kids we have in tow. When you truly find your happy place, everything else will fall into place. I promise. So please pay attention to those signs around you, and the tugs on your heart, they are trying to tell you something.


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