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Olaf's Holiday Tradition Expedition Scavenger Hunt

There is a new face all over the World Showcase for Festival of the Holidays and it's our favorite snowman, Olaf! If you are not familiar, during the various festivals there is a scanger hunt that is offered for guests of all ages. It costs $7.99 (AP discount can be applied) and you will receive a map and stickers. At the end, you can redeem your map for a prize of your choice! Maps can be purchased throughout the parks.

For years Chip and Dale have graced the Festival of the Holidays but this year guests have to search for that smiley snowman on a sled holding objects that represent the holidays from all around the world! Here is a guide to all of his locations if you find yourself struggling! (it happens to the best of us)


Olaf is on the roof just the right of the Northwest Mercantile. (Tip: head up the stairs in the Canada Pavilion, not down the path to Le Cellier Steakhouse)


Olaf is hiding to the left of the walkway right after you enter the gates to head into the World Showcase Pavilion. Because of covid walkway restrictions, it's actually easier to see him on the way out.


Olaf is located above a window display on Tudor Lane. He is close to where Mary Poppins use to meet, facing the courtyard.


Olaf is located just to the right of the entrance of the Palais du Cinema up on a ledge. (Where the Beauty and the Beast sing-along is played)


Olaf is sitting on top of the left side of the booth! Easy to spot but hard to get close to because of the booth lines and social distancing.


As you walk into the Morocco Pavilion stay to the left of the main entrance and he is in the room with the fountain, up on a ledge to the left.


Olaf is enjoying himself by the main koi pond near the waterfall in Japan.


Walk all the way to the restrooms and in the far right corner, you will find Olaf. This was one of the hardest for us because he was back so far and near nothing!


I'm going to save you a lot of walking here! Just head to the water and look for the black gondola and that is where you will find Olaf!


Olaf is located on a window box just above the Der Teddybar store. It's hard to see him here because of the garland.


As you walk into the China Pavilion head towards the right towards the gardens and follow the path around the pond. He will be down near the water's edge.


This Olaf is pretty hard to spot because he is so far back. He is to the left of the Wandering Reindeer on the mountain.


Olaf is on the roof of what used to be a small outdoor gift shop in Mexico. If you are coming from Norway it will be the first building in Mexico that is along the water.

I recommend doing this hunt during the day as some of the Olafs would be hard when it's dark. Once you complete you map you can head to Disney Traders, Mouse Gears, and World Traveler for your prize! This year its one of 3 Frozen themed cups.

Overall this scavenger hunt was alot of fun and it was great to see Olaf all over the World Showcase. I have two young kids and this is always I great way to get them to explore the World Showcase. I do wish some of the Olaf's were lower because he just looked so cute and I would have loved a better look!


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