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Rapunzel park style for less

Today we are creating a more practical look for my favorite princess, Rapunzel.  I have so many ideas for her; this will probably be the first of many styles.  If you are new to this, I have already done Snow White and Sleeping Beauty which you can click on the names to check those looks out.

Once again I used my favorite tulle tutu dress from Old Navy.  I love how it’s the perfect mix of fancy and comfort for little girls.  And with the heat of Florida, you have to be comfy! 

Second, I found this fantastic bow from Buns and Braids Shop.  I still cannot get over the detail on this bow.  My favorite part is the little Pascal popping out from the side.  The pink and purple of this bow stand out, allowing it to work with outfits of similar color and making this bow very versatile.

Lastly, what is a princess without some jewels?  I let my daughter pick this necklace out from Kenzie’s Boutique.  I think this is her way of “wearing” high heels since she is not old enough yet. 

I hope this post leaves you with some inspiration to dress your daughter in more practical princess looks that are cheaper and way more fitting for hot Florida park days than the typical princess gowns that they play dress up with.  Follow along with our adventures on Instagram @mickeybarmama and please let me know what princess you want to see next!


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