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Sleeping Beauty Style

Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess while walking around Disney? And the parks are one place that you can find a princess dress around every corner, but they can be costly. Not to mention the Florida heat can make wearing them unbearable.

Due to their cost and the fact that my daughter will not wear one of these dresses all day long I started to create looks that make her feel like a princess but that are comfortable and way more affordable! This is the first post of a series and today we are going to start with Sleeping Beauty.

I found this dress at Old Navy in the fall. They have offered this style dress for years in short sleeve, sleeveless and long sleeve options. I love that the top is cotton with a tutu skirt to make any girl feel dressy while simultaneously keeping her comfortable.

Next let’s talk about hair pieces. I love finding practical pieces that reflect a princess but can be worn with other outfits in her closet. So, I was ecstatic to come across this bow from Buns and Braids. The bow is beautiful and sparkles just like Aurora but can also match anything else pink that my daughter owns.

I completed the look with a necklace from Kenzie's Boutique with Sleeping Beauty hanging from it. To me, this ties in the whole look together and is way cheaper than a typical princess accessory kit. Also, I am so impressed with the quality. I cannot tell you how many plastic princess necklaces have fallen apart on my daughter.

In my experience, it is not hard to find a solid color dress which will leave you with a window of opportunities to dress your little girl up as her favorite princess! Please comment below if there are any princesses you would like us to put a look together for!


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