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Snow White style on a budget

Earlier this year I kicked off a series of styling your little girl like a princess for less.  Today I’m sharing the second look I created which was Snow White.  When we found out we were having dinner with Snow White at Artist Point; I knew I had to put together an outfit that would make my daughter feel like the fairest of them all.

The first thing I did was look for a dress, and when I saw this one from H&M, I immediately thought of Snow White. You may think it’s dark, but I thought it was funny that the dress had hearts on it and the Evil Queen wanted her heart cut out. I had a good laugh, but I was also practical because Valentine’s Day was approaching which made this dress feel even more like the perfect find!

Since the dress alone did not scream Snow White, I knew I wanted her headpiece too.  I found this headband from Geekily Ever After.  The color and style was the exact Snow White touch I needed.  I have to add that this headband is SO COMFY as well!  My daughter and I can wear it all day and forget that it's on our head! The simple red headband is a practical choice because it can be used for holidays, school and other park outfits! (our girl Minnie loves red!)

Lastly, we tied the whole look together with a necklace from Kenzie's Boutique.  This is my daughter’s favorite part of the entire look.   I mentioned in my last post about Sleeping Beauty, but I will repeat it.  The quality of these necklaces is so impressive and way better than any plastic princess jewelry my daughter has ever owned!

I hope you find some inspiration from this look to help dress your little girl as Snow White in budget-friendly comfortable pieces.  Follow along @mickeybarmama for more Disney style inspiration for mamas and kids!!

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Samantha Fabris
Samantha Fabris
03 abr 2019

Thanks so much for sharing my bowband! I love this outfit, it's just the cutest! I'm also a big fan of the necklaces from Kenzie's Boutique <3

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