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Spike Scavenger Hunt 2020-Keeping kids entertained at Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival

Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival 2020 has officially kicked off, and Spike is back again for another Spike's Pollen-Nation Exploration scavenger hunt around the park! If you aren't familiar with this offering during the festivals, Epcot offers a scavenger (there is a fee), which leads you to search the park with a map and stickers in your hand. After all the characters are found, you can head to several spots to pick up the prize of your choice (there are usually four options).

So let's get started! There are locations throughout the entire park to pick up a map for $7.99 + tax. The map is flower-shaped this year and includes stickers that you use every time you find Spike and the plant he is pollinating.

Once you have your map, you are ready to start finding Spike. The gardens he can be found are labeled each bubble of the map, which is really helpful because he is not in every country this year. Spike will always be several feet off the ground and standing next to a large sign of the plant that is in that garden.

Here are the locations:

After you complete the hunt, you can head to Mouse Gears, Disney Traders, and World Traveler to redeem your prize. You technically do not have to complete the map to receive your prize, but why miss out on the fun? This year the choices are plastic cups with a Minnie, Mickey, Donald/Spike, and Orange Citrus bird theme! My family and I LOVE these scavenger hunts that are offered, and I highly recommend them if you are heading to the parks!


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