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St. Patrick's Day Mickey and Minnie Wreath

Spring is slowly creeping in the air and when I was brainstorming a wreath for my front door for St. Patrick's Day I knew I wanted to incorporate spring elements. If you follow me you know I love a more simplistic style so I decided to go with a hoop wreath.

The supplies needed for this wreath are simple and open-ended. Just use my wreath as a guide to get your creative energy flowing! There is no right or wrong way to this wreath.

Here are the supplies:

  1. 20-inch hoop wreath

  2. Gold colored yarn (I found mustard to be the best match)

  3. Clover greenery (I used 2)

  4. St. Patrick's day accessories for Mickey and Minnie

  5. Greenery (here are two examples; green bush with berries and boxwoods)

  6. Floral wire

First, arrange the greenery on the wreath and secure it with wire. Cut additional flowers and clovers and add them throughout with greens.

Next, make the pom-poms. If you are unfimilar with making these click here for instructions. I used a 3-inch wide cardboard for the Mickey and Minnie heads and a larger serving fork for ears. Hot glue the ears to the heads.

I used the Ashland Shamrock spray to make the Minnie bow and Mickey hat. I hot glued the pieces to the pom-poms. Attach them to the wreath with a hot glue gun or the wire. I used wire and feed it through the pom pom to attach them.

Add ribbon on top of the hoop wreath to hang and enjoy your Disney-inspired St. Patty's Day wreath! Follow along @mickeybarmama for more everyday Disney inspiration!

1 Comment

Tina Chiu
Tina Chiu
Mar 02, 2021

It’s sooooo cute!! I love the pom poms!!

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