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Story Book Dining at Artist Point with Kids

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho off to an AMAZING character experience we go!! Earlier this month I scored reservations to the Storybook Dining at Artist Point for a time in the Enchanted Forest with some of your favorite characters from Snow White.

I have been to Artist Point before it was transformed to the Enchanted Forest and I think this was one reason I was so blown away! There are trees everywhere that appear to be growing out of the ground and posts on the walls. The presence of them is truly magical and you feel like they have been growing that way for decades.

During this dining experience, you will meet Snow White, Grumpy and Dopey who all come to your table to sign autographs and interact with you. Throughout your dinner, the trees will come to life with colorful twinkling lights as songs play and the characters dance around the dining room.

The atmosphere brought out my childlike awe but the food left me speechless. Your appetizers and desserts are all shared and pre-fixed and are displayed on tree trays while your entrée is individually plated from a choice of 5 options .

For the appetizers, you will receive Wicked Shrimp Cocktail, Hunter’s Pie and Winter Squash Bisque. All 3 were delicious but the presentation was incredible. I mean look at those mini cauldrons the soup comes in with a marshmallow spoon.

One of my favorite parts was the kid's appetizers that are included with their meals. It was the perfect mix of kid favorites with the presentation that ties in the theme of dining in the Enchanted Forest. It included a roll in a plant pot, string cheese, fruit, and the coolest part; honey butter in a jar that the kids have to shake to solidify!

For dinner, I went with the Butternut squash gnocchi and it was hands down the best gnocchi I have ever had! The gnocchi was pan-seared and so light.

Dessert consisted of Miner’s Treasures (a sponge cake), Fairy Tale Gooseberry Pie, and a White Chocolate Mouse “Poison Apple.” Immediately following your server brings over a smoking box filled with maple popcorn and chocolate ganache hearts. My kids were in awe over this box! Just the perfect way to end a fantastic meal and invite you to meet the Evil Queen before leaving the restaurant.

From someone who has done all but two character meals at Walt Disney World, I can honestly say this was one of the best character meals I have ever experience. The atmosphere, culinary presentation, and food were all beyond my expectations and nothing like any other character meal on property. This is a memorable experience that the entire family will enjoy.


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